Studio Policy

  1. All payments are due prior to the commencement of sessions.

a) For private lessons, they are due at the beginning of each month.

b) For group lessons, they are due at the beginning of each series of classes.

c) For therapy sessions they are due at the beginning of each session/month. If you have funding, that must be in place before the start of sessions.

  1. Missed sessions48 hours  (2days) notice must be given, unless it is due to an emergency or sudden illness, for sessions can be rescheduled. Less than that, a charge of session will be incurred. 
  2. All class packages purchased must be used within 4 months of purchase. After it expires, there are no refunds, or class make-up for those unused credits. 
  3. Packages purchased with the discounts are non-refundable. 
  4. Class credits purchased, are transferrable to another candidate unless they have expired. 
  5. All extra lesson time or transcription of music are to be paid for and will be charged separately. 
  6. All documentation time for therapy sessions are to be paid for. If you require a document report, additional time spend on that will be charged. Depending on the sessions, typically the last 5-10 min of session is for report charting or session notes. For example, if your session duration is 30min, 20-25min of it is active session time and the last 5-10min is for report writing and any further discussions about the sessions (what was observed and what to work on at home) are conducted then. 
  7. Session time will not be made up for clients who show up late
  8. Refunds: are available prior to the 1st session minus $25 administration fee. After the commencement of sessions, there will be no refunds for the remaining lessons not taken. 
  9. Termination/Cancellation: We require 1 month notice of termination, if anything less to that, we will still charge for the remainder of that month and no Refunds would be issue
  10. If you have registered through the community centre for any of the classes, please take note of the following:
    • Once registered for the term, there are no refunds or credits for any missed classes
    • We understand that emergencies or illnesses could occur. If this does happen, please inform us with proper notice with more than 24 hours notice, if possible. Refunds will then be accessed and left to our discretion. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

“Musical Expressions values the potential of every individual to engage their musical abilities. Regardless of age or ability level, music is a gift that is acquired through time, yet lasts a lifetime.”