Kid girl in hat playing ukulele at home

Have you or your children always wanted to learn a string instrument, but the guitar just isn’t the right fit for you?

Then the ukulele is a great way to start!


It’s small, portable, and inexpensive compared to most other string instruments. Best of all, playing the ukulele is surprisingly easy to pick up – even for the most novice enthusiasts!

In fact, we are sure that we will have you playing a simple tune by the end of your very first session!
Our fun and stress-free environment offers private lessons or group classes for preschoolers, children and adults.

  • Understand how to tune the ukulele
  • Learn basic chords – a basic understanding of the easy-to-grasp chords will have you strumming away in mere days
  • Learn how to read music notes and/or tabs
  • Learn to distinguish between different strumming patterns
  • Begin to play your favorite songs, and even learn to improvise
  • Try your hand at jamming away in group and/or duet play sessions

*All students must bring their own ukulele for private lessons

Ukulele Lessons

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