Preschool Programs

Playing music with kids

Looking to add to your preschool or offer services or programs which other preschools may not have? Then we have the solution for you, MUSIC.


Our music program is the perfect addition to any preschool curriculum.

In addition to learning music, we have trained and qualified instructors who are skilled in working on using music to develop children’s cognitive, motor, speech, behavioural (i.e., learning to wait and share, manners, etc.), and self expression skills.

Instructors also have the expertise to integrate special needs into the class, helping them to develop additional competencies such as signing and visual communication. All these skills aid in increasing cooperation and appropriate social behavior, providing avenues for communication, and elevating self-esteem, self confidence, and mindfulness.

We infuse music therapy techniques into our curriculum and effectively use musical elements (i.e., tempo, rhythm, volume, tones, etc.) as a vehicle to bring about positive outcomes that result in more than just learning music skills.

In each class, children participate in singing, instrument playing, accompanying song actions, and dancing with a refreshing sense of exploration and fun. By creating, singing, moving, and listening to music, a wide range of cognitive, emotional, and physical abilities are brought into focus.

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Due to new safety protocols, we are now offering live virtual sessions with imaginative interactions. Please contact us for more info on this.

“Musical Expressions values the potential of every individual to engage their musical abilities. Regardless of age or ability level, music is a gift that is acquired through time, yet lasts a lifetime.”