Musical Expressions values the potential of every individual to engage their musical abilities. Regardless of age or ability level, music is a gift that is acquired through time, yet lasts a lifetime.

Music Lessons

Your lessons were invaluable…

Your lessons were invaluable for her to learn proper skills and correct self-taught techiques. Thank you for being such an excellent, consummate piano teacher.

Wonderful Ukulele Program

Your ukulele group classes for kids has really engaged our daughter in so many ways and has given her confidence.

Inspiring Ukulele Instructor

I had a wonderful experience in the adult ukulele group program. Great inspiring instructor as well.

Great Instructors

The Musical Expressions instructors are patient and organized.

Children’s Program

Always excited for classes.

My daughter always mentions the Wee Expressions instructor’s name and pretends to be one at home with her dolls and imaginary guitar. She gets so excited when I tell her that we’ll be going to classes. Thanks so much!

Impressed with the Wee Expressions classes!

My husband was finally able to attend a class with our daughter Miya, and he was truly impressed with the instructor and program as he realized how much throught and planning goes into each class.

Always Excited to Come to Wee Expressions Classes

Whenever we mention that we’ll be going to the Wee Expressions class the next day or the morning of, my child would be very excited and run to grap his shoes to be ready for the class.

Talking & Singing More

Since my daughter started the Wee Expressions classes, I have noticed that she would try to talk and communicate with us more. I sometimes notice that she would start to hum/sing to herself.
Thanks for contributing and being part of her developmental growth and life stage.

Thanks for your music!

Whenever are daughter is crying we just put on your CD with the song collections from the Wee Expressions class we are attending and she’ll suddenly stop crying and be very calm.
We both enjoy listening to the CD outside of the classroom setting.
Thanks for having such a postive effect on my daughter!

We’ve been to lots of different programs, and I especially like the Wee Expressions classes

We’re really enjoying the Wee Expressions classes. We’ve been to lots of different classes and I especially like your music program for the little ones over any of the others we’ve taken. And it’s so nice to have a class where I can take both my younger and older kids.
Just the other day, my older son started to sing some of the songs he learnt from class in front of his Grandma, and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Singing Family

Ever since we started the Wee Expressions classes for two years now, we can hear our daughter humming and singing more these days! It is hilarious to watch her do that on her own and I really believe your classes built this in her to a certain degree! So thank you!!! My husband and I try to sing with her often along with the Wee Expressions CD.

We miss the Wee Expressions classes
Patty & Jeremy

We have been taking Tricia to your Wee Expressions classes and really enjoyed all the sessions. As Tricia turned two, she got accepted to a full time child care centre. This is why she can no longer attend the program. She is a fan of Wee Expressions as she often listens to the music CD in the car. Thank you again. We will definitely refer our friends to attend your program.

Wee Expressions is a great inclusive program
Amanda & Charlie

Over the last year our 3 year old daughter, who has special needs, has been attending the Wee Expressions music class at South Arm Community Centre. We have found this class to be incredibly beneficial to her and the teachers are absolutely amazing. It has been wonderful seeing our daughter develop musical skills such as rhythm, sounds, learning songs, and interacting with instruments, especially for a child considered to have developmental delays. She has even learned other skills as sign language, patience and sharing. This is a class for all young children, regardless of experience and ability. We love the Wee Expressions music class and couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Music Therapy

Highly recommend the Music Therapy services

Almost two years ago I discovered Musical Expressions music therapy services. As my son has a speech delay I was excited to see what this service could offer us in terms of music therapy.

The music therapist utilizes music therapy techniques along with sign language with music and movement/dance in a fun inclusive and warm environment.

Since the sessions, I’ve noticed my son using more sign language and have myself come to understand the complexities of speech and language development and the benefits music therapy can have.

I would highly recommend the music therapy services for any child who loves to play instruments, sing, make music and play.


Best Decision We Made!
Christine B.

When searching for a b-day activity that would truly keep kids engaged (and contained) I found Musical Expressions and decided to take a leap-of-faith on getting them to work with the parameters of my event including the theme, timeframe and location for 12, 3-8 yr. olds. I had no expectation on what they would achieve. I was happily surprised (as all of my guests were) on the extent of fun they made our group have. “Where did you find these people?!” was the question of the afternoon. They were professional, a good value for the offering and they knew how to thrill and pace the event so that all of the kids were highly engaged for more than an hour!

Party Blast!

Thanks for being part of our birthday party, you’ve made it so much more memorable for us and the kids!

Great addition to our birthday party

Thank you so much for being a part of Dylan’s birthday! All the kids (and parents) had a fabulous time! The activities were just perfect and kept all the kids happy, engaged, and wanting more! I especially loved how the party facilitator transitioned from the music activities to singing Happy Birthday…it was so special having everyone sing along with the facilitator and the guitar! I will definitely have Musical Expressions at future birthday parties! Thanks so much!

Adult/Senior Programs

Drummercise – What a great way to work out!

This class is a great way to a healthy body and mind. I love the instructor, she’s wonderful and great energy. She’s able to adapt the class to provide various movements to best match our abilities. I have recommended some of my friends to join as well.