Online Sessions

We value a person’s desire to develop or engage in their musical abilities no matter where they are and work on encouraging their musical endeavours.


Our curriculum is based on years of experience as well as the positive effects of music. All online sessions are done through Zoom.

Our online sessions are created with a fun and interactive musical experience that focuses on three goals:

  • Building of community and relationships between participants
  • Focusing on the musical development whether it is to engage in music based activities or working on musical skills
  • Developing creative expressive skills  through the use of singing, movement, and instrument playing & learning

Costs and Pricing Breakdown

Because these lessons are not programmed through the community centres, administration, scheduling, and application fees are no longer structured in the same way. Despite this, we are doing our best to keep costs low for everyone, and tt also means we can offer exciting additional services traditionally not included with lessons.

These additional features are:

  • Recordings of each lesson for you to download and save and watch at your leisure
  • A personalized Google Drive folder where the teacher and student can share and save recordings, documents, and scanned materials for additional supplementary learning resources
  • Receive online learning tools & activities to support the learning
  • Free online monthly jam session in which students can practice playing with others in a group setting (more details TBA)
  • Free bi-monthly “Masterclass” times in which registered students can join to get instructor and peer support, ask questions, discuss homework, learn practicing tools, and perform with one of our highly qualified teachers (more details TBA)

The class rates are as follows:

  • Kids Group classes (single drop-in) $15/30-minute class
  • Kids group class packages range from $10 – $13/30-minute class
  • Private lesson (single session) $30/30-minute lesson
  • Private lessons packages range from $25 – $28/30-minute lesson

View are lesson packages and availability here:

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