Alex Figueroa

Wee Expressions, Voice, Ukulele, Drum & Guitar Instructor, Camp Leader & Party Facilitator

Alex developed a passion for music during his senior years in high school. With a desire to learn guitar, he pursued a goal to understand how the guitar works, how to play music on this instrument, and how to create his very own music. He later on picked up the ukulele as it a was fun small instrument to play on and it provided a unique sound compared to the guitar.

As his skill and passion developed for the string instruments, he began playing music for the worship ministry at his local church. During the 7 years of service through the church, his passion for teaching others grew. Playing music with a community has impacted his views on the power of music.

Alex hopes to spread his passion in music and the powers it has in healing, thus his current pursue in the Music Therapy program to become a Music Therapist. Equipped with this understanding of music and the uses of it, Alex has been teaching guitar, drums, group classes and vocals for more than five years now. You may also occasionally catch him playing at the Capilano Suspension bridge as a hired performer.

Anican Yu

Piano Instructor & Camp Leader

Born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia, the Chinese-Canadian pianist Anican Yu always had an aptitude and passion for playing music and performing for others. Throughout his musical career, he has challenged himself to reach higher standards and strive to meet his fullest potential in piano performance. He received his ARCT certification before graduating high school and was able to achieve that goal in the summer of grade 11 with Honours certification. He made his piano debut when won multiple music festivals in Prince George and participated in Provincial Festivals. He also performed at the 2015 Canada Winter Games with his older brother’s band Bright City Heights.

Anican’s playing style includes Classical, Jazz, Contemporary and Modern music. He played at many wedding gigs throughout his life and taught some of BC’S most exceptional musicians. In Zhengzhou China, Anican advertised a Music School by performing in numerous shows and venues for the two months he spent over there. His performances inspired and encouraged young musicians to enrol in the school and learn music. Over the past summer, Anican led some music camps to continue his passion in inspiring young minds and developing their love and interest in music.


Jenny Poon

Piano Instructor

Jenny is an experienced piano teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching piano and theory. She had received a silver medal for achieving the highest marks out of the entire province of Alberta from the Royal Conservatory of Music in 1994. Her experience has exposed her with teaching a wide range of students from toddlers to adults. Students that Jenny has mentored, whom have taken the RCM exams obtain marks on average 80 and above. Her students are always encouraged to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival to musically express themselves and to have fun while judges get the chance to hear their musical talents.

Jodie Ng

Piano Instructor

Jodie started learning piano at the young age of 3. It was not until high school though, when she began taking music composition classes and becoming involved in choir, that she began to develop an strong and undeniable passion for music. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Toronto’s Bachelor of Music program in piano. She was also a part of the Faculty of Music Women’s Chorus during her time there.

Initially aiming to become a composer for film and video games, she found her love of teaching after volunteering at summer camps and working as an instructor at an academy. Jodie is a classically trained pianist and has achieved Grade 10 piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She looks forward to sharing her love and knowledge of music with piano students at Musical Expressions.

Joney Poon

Founder and Studio Director

Lead teacher and music therapist at Musical Expressions, Joney has been a music teacher for piano, guitar and theory over the last fifteen years. Her experience working with toddlers shows in the natural connection she develops with children while leading them in early childhood music programs. Joney‘s formal education includes, classical studies in music, psychology as well as a Bachelors in Music Therapy from the University of Calgary and Capilano University. She also runs a private Music Therapy practice and has worked with a wide range of clientele, including children with developmental disabilities, adults with brain injuries, and seniors who have suffered a stroke or live with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Joney strongly believes in the power and benefits that music can bring regardless of age and ability.

Jonathan Decolongon

Piano & Voice Instructor

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jonathan has been nurtured in the world of music from an early age. He started piano lessons at the tender age of 4, and was always surrounded with music thanks to his musical family. Jonathan enjoys all things related to music, whether it is teaching, performing, composing, or choral singing.

Jonathan attended the Vancouver Academy of Music, under the tutelage of Martha Brickman and Donna Lee. He further developed his musicality at Capilano University, being a recent recipient of the Music Diploma. He was the 1st Place Winner in 2015 for Capilano Music performance competition. Jonathan hopes to earn a Bachelors in Music in the near future.
Jonathan’s goals with teaching is to translate the love and passion to music with up and coming musicians. He finds great joy in teaching music to people of all ages.

Meg Chiu

Piano Instructor

Miss Meg a versatile and experienced piano teacher who is adept at teaching all levels and ages. She strongly believes that anybody can start learning piano regardless of age and ability. Learning and engaging in music gives students invaluable life skills such as, patience, dedication, commitment, discipline, focus, responsibility and confidence.

Miss Meg provides a well-rounded music education through weekly private lessons, which includes technique, sight reading, ear training, improvisation, and ensemble work. She also believes that “it is important for students to develop effective and consistent practicing habits. Once this is established, students are motivated to maintain their interest in learning and to try and achieve their full potential.”

Miss Meg tailors all lessons each student’s desire and needs; whether they want to learn a piece they love or complete exams with classical training. Her ultimate goal is to enable students to find their own unique ability through expression and appreciation of music. “Together let’s make your musical dreams come true.”

Sabrina Mo

Camp & Workshop Instructor

Sabrina was born in Hong Kong and has been living in Vancouver for 5 years. She is a passionate music instructor, performer and composer. With more than 8 years of experience teaching flute, piccolo, voice and theory, she has developed her own methods of teaching with a wide range of students in private and group lessons. She speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and is familiar with both North American and British music systems. Students from many different backgrounds can benefit and learn from her diverse background and knowledge. By combining classical conservatory and contemporary educational methods, Sabrina creates customized lesson plans and structures, ensuring each of her students builds an in-depth understanding of music while keeping their interest at the same time. Her students are inspired and motivated and can often be seen fulfilling their musical potentials in youth orchestras, RCM examinations, and bands.

Sabrina is also an enthusiastic composer who received her Bachelor of Arts in Composition from Simon Fraser University, in 2021. Studying music composition under Owen Underhill, Sabrina Schroeder, Mauricio Pauly and Stefan Maier in Simon Fraser University, her compositional styles are included but not limited to many electroacoustic and acoustic pieces for small ensembles and solo performer. She also loves to use objects to explore and experiment with different combinations of tonalities and timbres. Through Musical Expressions, she is looking forward to creating and running children’s programs that incorporate these influences and passions to help diversify music education as a whole.

Soloman Cheung

Piano Instructor

Solomon Cheung, 24 years old, is a pianist that was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He started learning music and piano from his mother at a young age of 6. Only shortly after starting, his mother saw the potential and was able to get Piano Instructor, Amanda Chan to teach Solomon. Studying under Chan, Solomon progressed from beginner level, to completing his RCM Level 10 in a span of 7 years. However, at the time, Solomon was not planning to further advance in the art of piano. After some years of accompanying his school choir as well as church worship teams, he changed his mind and was accepted in to the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Victoria, studying with Steinway Artist, Prof. Arthur Rowe; officially resuming Classical piano training after a nearly 4 year hiatus. He later transferred to UBC School of Music, where he completed his Bachelor of Music degree in 2017, studying piano under Dr. Corey Hamm and Michelle Mares. Returning to Vancouver, Solomon began teaching piano and found a new interest of teaching and passing on the art of playing music. His playing has earned him awards in the Burnaby Clef and Kiwanis music festivals, as well as the Grace Swannell Memorial Scholarship in Piano. Solomon specializes in playing and teaching Classical music and heavily admires the Romantic works of Chopin and Liszt. He also has a strong interest in video game music, drawing heavy inspiration from the melodies of Nobuo Uematsu. Currently, Solomon resides in New Westminster, teaching piano and cultivating the love of music in his students.

Teresa Li

Piano Instructor

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Teresa has always had a passion for music. She started learning the piano at the age of five. As a classically trained pianist, she has achieved Grade 10 piano with The Royal Conservatory of Music. She loves working with and teaching piano to different age groups, from children to seniors.

Having discovered her passion for community engagement, Teresa has also dedicated herself to volunteering and helping others in her community. Through her extensive leadership positions and community initiatives, she hopes to impact others positively. Driven by challenges and innovations, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Simon Fraser University.

Her love of forming strong connections aligns with her goals of creating an enjoyable, dynamic and positive experience for her students and others. She looks forward to sharing her passions and knowledge of music with her students at Musical Expressions!

Thomas Powell

Guitar & Ukulele Instructor; Program Coordinator & Admin

Originally from Chilliwack, B.C, Thomas is passionate composer, musician and teacher. He began playing guitar at the age of 11, learning how to play rock and roll, along with studying some classical guitar. It was not until high school however, that Thomas fell in love with jazz music during a trip to the Idaho jazz festival with the school band. After this trip, music became a very serious part of his life. Immediately after graduating high school, Thomas was accepted into Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program in Toronto, ON. While at Humber, he became a peer tutor and helped over 30 students in various subjects, such as music theory, aural training, and jazz improvisation. This tutoring, coupled with many previous years of teaching students young and old, led Thomas along a path of music education. After graduating in 2015 with his Bachelor’s in Music, he moved to Vancouver to continue his passion of playing, writing, and teaching music to people of all ages. He is currently learning and developing an improvisational form of music making called Conduction and finding new ways to apply it, such as in the music therapy setting. Thomas is also versed in other stringed instruments such as the bass guitar & ukulele. He is very excited to be a part of the Musical Expressions team, passing on the joy and knowledge of music to others.

Vicky Ngai_musical expressions MT copy

Vicky Ngai

Music Therapist, Party Facilitator, Wee Expressions, Piano, & Ukulele Instructor

Vicky is a music therapist and music instructor. Originally from Hong Kong, Vicky is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. She graduated from University of Queensland in Australia, and received her first degree: Bachelor of Arts in music education in 2010. Vicky is versed in recorder, piano, guitar, ukulele & clarinet. She has been teaching piano and recorder band since 2004. Vicky has also taught music theory, ukulele, and clarinet of various ages.

In 2015, Vicky earned her second degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University (Vancouver B.C). As a music therapist, Vicky has worked with clients that include: children with special needs, seniors, and adults with mental health issues. Music & Music Therapy work is her passion and Vicky strongly believes in the benefits and healing powers that music has.