Laughing vivacious young woman playing drums

Have you always wanted to learn how to rock out on the Drums?

Ever wish you could play in a band?

How about creating your own music and being able to improvise on the spot?


Students will learn to play the drums under the instruction of a qualified teacher. With goals and learning styles varying from student to student, we help you first determine what you want to achieve, so we can make it our goal to get you there!

  • Learn the Drum Rudiments and proper stick handling technique
  • Prepare you for playing with other people, and how to be the core the rhythm section
  • Learning to play all different types of music (i.e., Popular, Rock and Roll, and Funk, Jazz, Samba, Gospel, Blues, and so many more!
  • Learning to improvise with original songs and rhythms
  • Learning to create music and play by ear

Drums Lessons

Available class time and locations