Pretty girl in casualwear sitting on couch and studying to play guitar at home

Have you always wanted to learn a string instrument?

Ever find yourself admiring those who can pick up a guitar and just play?

Wish you could play your favourite songs around a campfire with friends or family?

Then let us get you started!


The guitar is cool, portable, and fun to play. Best of all, it is easier than you think to pick up!
We offer fun and stress-free private lessons for both children and adults.

  • Understand how to tune the guitar
  • Learn basic chords – a basic understanding of basic chords will have you strumming away in just a few lessons
  • Learn how to read music notes and/or tabs
  • Learn different strumming and picking patterns
  • Begin to play your favourite songs, and even learn to improvise

*All participants must bring their own guitar

Guitar Lessons

Available class time and locations