Wee Expressions 3.5-6yrs

Wee Expressions is more than the traditional children’s music program. Our curriculum is based on researched methods surrounding the benefits of music infused with Music Therapy techniques. 

In our classes, children (3.5-6yrs) alike take pleasure in the interactive nature of the classes and participate in singing, instrument playing, accompanying song actions, learning basic rhythm and chords, and moves/dances with a refreshing sense of exploration and fun.

Based on a mixture of both structure and free play learning, in each class, participants are taught through musical elements to develop their mental, physical, speech and behavioural (i.e., learning to wait and share, manners, etc.) skills. Musical skills are further developed: basic rhythmic notation, pitch awareness, and free improvisation are taught in the class.

If you have  a child who loves to sing or loves music but are not quite ready for more formal one-to-one private lessons, this class is a great way for them to start and further cultivate their musical interests.

Each semester has 10 classes. Each class is 45 minutes long. The classes will be lead by a professional trained teacher. Parents are not required to attend classes with child, however are encouraged to stay closeby especially the first few classes to allow time for their child to get familiar with the class.


  $14.80*/class x 10 classes   Each class is 45min
  Siblings of enrolled participants   Siblings are eligible for 25% discount*
  Music CD of our various Collections   Will be available for purchase soon

* Prices & discounts may vary depending on location

Available class time and locations: