Uke & Meukelele

Does your child like to sing and have the passion for music
Want to introduce them to instrumental playing
Then the ukulele is a great way to start!

Come join us on a ukulele adventure. Parents, with their child will jamming together on the ukulele while singing along to songs. There will be art and musical story telling time with the ukuleles as well. No previous knowledge of the ukulele or skills sets are required.

*Please bring your own Ukulele and colouring tools along with a book/binder with plain paper. Also bring your own seating mat to class. Each class is 30 minutes long.  If parents are unable to attend classes with child, grandparents, nannies, or other adults are welcomed to participate instead. Drop-in are welcomed!


  $10*/class  Online sessions
  $20*/class For in-person sessions
(Temporarily not offered)

* Prices may vary depending on location

*Ukuleles are provided in class. Students are welcomed to bring their own ukulele as well.

Available class time and locations: